The New Forensic Pathology: Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineers are responsible for investigating the failure of products, structures, materials, and components. Forensic engineers are sought out as a means to discover and isolate a cause or reason the failure occurred so that the product performance and safety profile may improve. They are also often called on to make appearances in court for criminal cases, but more commonly in cases for product liability. This is because they are generally the person who testifies on behalf of the product or structural failure and provides an expert analysis toward the court. Forensic engineering also happens to be the most sought after form of investigation when there has been a major fire, explosion, or any other disaster that requires an immediate evacuation in an effort to discover what has caused it. Long hours are spent investigating things.


In order to become a forensic engineer, a 4-year engineering degree is required. If a specialty is desired, majoring in the specified engineering subcategory is what’s needed. Engineering specialties can include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering. Specialties are not limited to just those fields however, and many other specialties are available to fulfill various interests. Engineering majors are required to take courses like advanced mathematics and control theory, intro to engineering, and systems. Furthermore, more coursework is required if pursuing a specialty field that is derives from the basis of that specific field.


The road to becoming a forensic engineer does not end here. In fact, aside from the required education of any basic engineer, a forensic engineer must become a licensed engineer in the state they one day hope to be employed in. Requirements for obtaining a license can differ depending on the state that a license is applied for in. However, requirements generally include acquiring professional experience and passing the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. After gaining a license, a year-long process must begin. This year long process is where the potential forensic engineer certifies their specialty within forensic engineering. However, all of the studying, work, and effort is worth it because the culminate results in the degree-holder doing something they love while earning some of the nation’s highest entry-level salaries.

I Finally Found It!

Hey everyone! I think I finally found what I am looking for! For anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, let me catch you up on what I have been doing lately. About a month ago, I decided that I needed to take on some new hobbies that involve spending more time at home. The reason I decided that this was so important is because I am trying to save up some money to buy my first house! Since going out with friends every night was starting to cost a bit too much, I decided to limit myself to going out only once a week.

Now do you see why I needed to find a way to entertain myself at home? So I went online and found something that I think I will be good at and enjoy. One site that caught my eye was gossipbingo. Yes, I know it caught my eye because as you know I love to gossip! Anyway, turns out it is a game site with really fun games to play online. I liked the games on this site so much that I looked around a bit to find out if this was the only site like this or if there were others.

Once I figured out that there were so many sites to choose from, I knew I found my new hobby. The only problem is finding the time to visit all of the sites and play all of the games I want to play. The next sites I found that had games I wanted to try were ritzybingo and Bingo Hollywood because I am after all a very fancy girl! Ever since starting this new hobby I keep finding more sites to add to my favorites list.

Two sites that I have yet to try, but will hopefully explore tonight are moon bingo and JackpotjoyBingo. One of the great people I met while playing online suggested that I would find just what I was looking for on these sites. I love sites that offer a variety of games. It also does not hurt to find a game where I can win big. A bigger cash prize means buying a home even sooner!

Methods Women Use to Stay Young

No one wants to get old.  In fact, many of us strive to stay young for as long as possible. We use creams, lotions, surgeries, and other invasive procedures in an effort to stay looking youthful.  Most people color their hair and pluck the grays in an effort to keep their hair from showing their age.  It becomes more difficult as the years pass, but one never out grows the need to feel youthful.

There are many products that assist women in their futile attempt to hide their age. Just take a look down the hair color aisle alone.  Women are very vain creatures and will use and try every product possible to help us achieve our goal of staying young.  Sometimes it isn’t even the gray we are trying to get rid of.  Our hair becomes darker as we age and many women cannot tolerate the change in their hair color.  It is one more piece of evidence that we are in fact getting older.

Anti wrinkle creams or other anti aging creams are extremely popular as well.  In every woman’s magazine you pick up there will be ads for the best wrinkle cream. Wrinkle system reviews are all over the internet.  You can find information for on Dermajuv reviews, Elite cream reviews, and life cell reviews just to name just a few.  Wrinkle cream reviews are highly rated in popularity through many beauty based websites and forums.  The best eye creams are also heavily discussed.  The first wrinkles that show up on a woman are the dreaded “crows feet,” so finding the best eye cream to combat those wrinkles is essential to many.

Not only are women worried about their age showing on their faces and hair, they are also concerned with the rest of their body.  There are tons of cellulite creams available on the market.  There are countless body washes that are dedicated to helping you have more youthful skin.  There are exfoliating scrubs and moisturizing creams.    No matter what you feel your trouble spots are, there is a lotion, cream or other potion to help cure it.

Surgery is by far one of the more expensive and invasive ways to stay young.  Women have breast implants and reductions, liposuction, face lifts, microderm abrasion and many other procedures done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.   Many of these, by far are over the limit of what the typical American woman would contemplate.  The financial aspect of these measures is higher than what many women can justify or even afford.  This type of cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance for the most part and is extremely expensive to pay for out of pocket.  Many women just have to be satisfied with the results from the over the counter products that are available.

All in all there are many products available to help women stay as young as possible.  Doesn’t the old saying “you are only as old as you feel” come into play with this concept?   If we feel that we look young, we will feel younger as well.